About Us


POOFER SUPPLY L.L.C. was founded in 2013 by Eric Smith (aka: Propaniac) and Lynn Gamroth (aka: Tahoe) with the primary mission to provide a safe reliable source of parts, supplies, and accessories for the amateur as well as professional flame effects community.


For many years Eric and Lynn have seen fire artists struggle to obtain the parts, fittings, and accessories they need to safely create their art.  Many of the traditional parts suppliers are reluctant to sell to the amateur flame effects artists because they are unfamiliar with the community.  Unfortunately this has forced them to to utilize parts, fittings, and accessories  that are not designed or safe to be used with LP-Gas. In 2013 They decided it was time to act and formed Poofer Supply L.L.C. to promote personal and public safety by providing a legitimate source of quality parts, fittings, and accessories to the amateur flame effects community.


Eric Smith

aka: Propaniac




Lynn Gamroth

aka: Tahoe


  • Self taught metal artist
  • Creator of Blue Desert Flames
  • Artist Liason for the Reno C.O.R.E project (2013)
  • Ski Instructor
  • Burning Man Black Rock Ranger since 2006